Season 8, Episode 2 (Recorded 5/14/2019)

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Our 8th Season Premiere kicks off with J.D. Hernandez, D.C. Lundberg, Chico Alexander, and special guest Taylor Blake Ward. 


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We've had our first no-hitter of the season! Host D.C. Lundberg welcomes in panelists Jason Hernandez, Jon D. Miller & Jessica Brand to discuss not only this no-hitter, but the previous no-hitter this same pitcher spun a few years ago.


Another pitching milestone occurred, this one in Boston, where King Felix Hernandez punched out his 2,500th hitter. (Meaning he struck out his 2,500th hitter; he has yet to physically punch anyone on the ball field as far as we know.) Both teams involved have been going in opposite directions. Why have the Mariners fallen from grace, and how have the Red Sox returned to their winning ways?


There has been something of a power surge in Major League Baseball this year. The gang looks into why that has been happening, and also why there have been so many position players pitching so far.


All this, plus new editions of the Minute of Minutiae & Call to the Hall, along with a quirky "first" for Major League Baseball. Find out who was Saved By Zero on this latest edition of "Touch 'Em All!"

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D.C. Lundberg hosts, and is joined by panelists Jason Hernandez, Jon Miller & Jessica Brand.